What can you get for $50 these days?

Here at Zootastic we are excited to announce our biggest animal extravaganza ever....

For $50 you can get 15 minutes with a cub or a kinkajou or a kangaroo!

Even more exciting than that we are also offering 15 minute giraffe encounters for $100!

No reservations needed... just turn up! (Park admission is not included.)

Call 704 245 4664 if you need more information.


Wagon rides are ARE HERE!

We are excited to tell you that you can now take a wagon ride through the plains where you can meet zebra, black buck, bison, Barbary sheep, wildebeest (little known fact about these animals... baby wildebeest are called wildebeesties!), as well as other animals.

Wagon rides are only $4.00 for 45 minutes of fun.

Don't know what to do on a cloudy day?

 The zoo is the perfect place to visit as the animals love to be out when there is no direct sun! That's right you will see all our animals on the wagon ride if you visit us, instead of sitting inside!



Scattered Clouds 88

A visit to Zootastic Park is a trip to the zoo that’s both fun and educational. It’s a perfect setting for a family fun day or for large groups, like school groups or summer camps. The park offers something exciting for the kid in all of us. Zootastic Park is one of the Charlotte area's most educational and interactive zoos. 

Explore the days of the cowboys in our Western Town and learn about snakes, reptiles, tortoises and coatimundi. Your tour continues through the Barnyard Petting Zoo where you can interact and learn about the farm animals such as singing dogs, donkeys, porcupines and goats.Then wander over to our Safari Trail,  where a covered walk allows you to get close to some of our goats, who love you to feed them by hand, our youngest camel Wednesday, as well as view the gibbon and hyeanas. Follow the trail down to the wagon ride and go on a further adventure to meet and feed (and pet some) wonderful creatures such as zebras, wildebeests, watusi and more camels (HIDE YOUR FEED CUPS). You will be brought around to the top entrance where you will disembark and visit the serval and the tigers as well as Melman (save some food for him)!

The fun doesn’t stop there! The grand finale of your tour includes viewing our three tigers, Sasha, Jasmine and Raja. You can even buy tickets so you can feed them pieces of meat! Come and watch them play in their pool or bask in the sunshine as you have a picnic in one of our many picnic areas or play on the playground.

Zootastic Park is fantastic fun that’s both affordable and educational. Host a birthday party, bring a school, church or summer camp group or hold corporate events.

We look forward to seeing you very soon!


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