Here are a few of our animals, come by the zoo to see many more. We will be adding more information and animals to this Animal Education section.

Green Iguana Iguana iguana

The Green Iguana is a large lizard native to Central and South America. A herbivore (plant eater), it growns to 4.9 ft in length from head to tail.

The green iguana possess a row of spines along their backs and along their tails which helps to protect them from predators. Their whip-like tails can be used to deliver painful strikes and like many other lizards, when grabbed by the tail, the iguana can allow it to break, so it can escape and eventually regenerate a new one.


Corn Snake (Elaphe guttata), or Red Rat Snake

Grows to 4-6 feet. Life span in wild: 15-20 years, in captivity: up to 23 years. Diet: Rodents, birds, bats, small lizards.

This North American species subdues small prey with constriction and are non-venomous. Prefered habitats: overgrown fields, forest openings, trees, and abandoned or seldom-used buildings. Typically, these snakes remain on the ground, but can ascend trees, cliffs and other elevated surfaces. The corn snake is docile by nature and reluctant to bite.

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