Help us with our needs


We can always use help from the community to provide for the animals and support us in our efforts to provide a safe, caring and healthy environment for them.

Cleaning your closet or garage? Anything that you don't want may be of great value to us. How about donation instead of throwing that stuff away?

We put this list together of items that we could use, if you are interested in donating any of these needed items please contact us at



Building Materials Animal Care Food Items
Enrichment Items Food Preparation Items Can't Decide


Building Materials

9 inch Cement Block- 575 needed for Tiger House

Mortor for Cement Block

Roofing materials for 10 x 20 building

Riff Raff Rocks- Alligator pond

OSB board

2 x 4’s

Treated 2x6’s for Alligator Walk way

Bamboo - the sheets you buy at Home Depot or Lowes - we need them to create shade and wind breaks

Fill dirt, soil and mulch

Tin roofing material

Leftover building material

Fence poles, gates, field fence

Salvage doors or cabinets

Sod, grass seed, plants, shrubs, trees

Tarps, or heavy plastic sheeting

Storage buildings or sheds


Shelving and storage containers

Out Buildings/Storage Buildings for Animal Shelters


Enrichment Items

Stainless Steel Feeding Bowls

Boomer Balls for Tigers, and other animals- Go to

Rubber Balls (basket balls, soccer balls, kick balls)

Retired fire hose

Towels   (must be green or brown)

Blankets, sheets (must be green or brown)


Commercial parrot, dog, cat, pet toys

Hanging bowls and/or gourds

Jolly balls, waffle balls

Laundry baskets

Squeaky dog toys

Burlap bags


Bird swings

Puzzle feeders- PVC pipe, plastic tubing…

Catnip, catnip toys (large- for serval and Tigers)

Nylon and natural fiber ropes up to 1" diameter

Horse toy items

Baby rattles

Plants- bromeliads, monkey grass, banana, ginger, hibiscus, mint….

Dog houses

Wind chimes

ATV tires

Artificial plants (plastic, disinfectable)

Unpainted wicker baskets


Animal Care

Reptile carpet, calcium sand or spagnum moss

Play sand

Heartworm or deworming medication

Donations towards yearly vaccinations

Dawn dish soap

Animal clippers

First aid supplies- human & animal

Horse bug spray/ fly spray


Golf cart

Garden hoses, sprinklers and nozzles


18 Gallon Rubbermaid Containers with lids


Food Preparation Items

Plastic bins, buckets, rubber made containers and barrels

2 tiered hand cart for use in animal feeding

Wheel barrows and crates

Wild animal feeders

New plastic garbage cans with lids

Garbage bags

Cutting boards

Meat cutting or butcher knives

Scrub brushes


Cleaning liquids


Food Items

Chinchilla food and hay

Chinchilla lava dust

Birdseed (large and small birds)

Canned dog food and cat food


Alfalfa hay, timothy hay, grass hay…

Ferret food

Rawhides- All sizes

Dried fruit, raisins


Large nuts in the shell


Can't Decide?

We also welcome gift cards from home improvement and pet stores!

Thank You!!!

Washing Machine and Electric Dryer
- Joelle &
David Weidiman

2 Boomer Balls
- Conklin Family

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